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Ribbon Cutting for the Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Belmont University

This building, completed in 34 months, is unlike any other. The 1,700-seat multi-purpose facility is described to be "the finest performance hall on any college campus in the world." There is close to six million pounds of limestone, including four 48-foot-tall limestone columns with custom, hand-carved column capitals, weighing in at over 11,000 pounds each.

Inside, the grand lobby and two contiguous event spaces can hold more than 900 guests and feature art glass windows that will make the five different types of granite sparkle in the sunlight. The performance hall itself is an instrument that can be adjusted and tuned to the event or performance taking place, be it an acoustic violin solo, an amplified concert or a Broadway play. It is essentially a box within a box and every detail to sound and noise isolation was tested by an independent acoustician - including the HVAC design, product textures, lighting and fixtures.

This project required an enormous amount of collaboration between the design team of ESa, our incredible R.C. Mathews construction team, subcontractors, consultants and suppliers. So many obstacles were overcome to achieve the agressive schedule, and the ribbon cutting of The Fisher Center for the Performing Arts is a fantastic way to continue celebrating our 80th Anniversary


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