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Fast 50: 34. R.C. Mathews Contractor

Nashville Business Journal Article

What are the three primary ingredients in your company’s rocket fuel for growth? The right people, the right clients and the personal and professional relationships we’ve built over our 75 years.

Complete this sentence: “To work here, a person must … have a team-and-client-first mentality.”

What is the greatest challenge your company faces in the wake of Nashville’s boom? Having a crystal ball of the next shift in the market.

What is the greatest opportunity for your company in the wake of Nashville’s boom? The opportunity to differentiate ourselves and our high commitment to service to our clients by choosing the right projects and having the right team in place for successful completion of those projects.

What changes have you made at your company to help cope with Nashville’s growth and traffic concerns? Most of our employees are located on jobsites that have an early-morning to early-afternoon work schedule, which helps avoid some rush-hour commutes.

If your company were a space program, what code name would you give it, and why?“Project Landmark,” because we have been building landmarks since 1941.


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