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Employee Spotlight: Amelio

Get to know Amelio, a talented Field Engineer who's currently working on layouts at The Frist College of Medicine at Belmont University! With 1.5 years of experience at R.C. Mathews, Amelio has already contributed to some fantastic projects such as Caldwell Hall and The Fisher Center for the Performing Arts.

When asked about his favorite job so far, Amelio mentioned Caldwell Hall because of the rewarding work he was doing and the great team he had the pleasure of working with. One of his favorite parts of the job is starting foundations. Outside of work, Amelio likes to unwind by fishing, watching sports, and listening to a diverse range of music genres. His dream vacation is to take a cruise around the Bahamas!

Looking ahead to the next 5 years, Amelio would love to be doing layouts for his own projects and taking on more responsibilities in general. If he could give advice to his past self, he would encourage himself to always do his best work and never hesitate to ask questions.

We're fortunate to have Amelio on our team, and we appreciate all of the dedication and hard work he puts into his job! Thank you, Amelio!


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