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Employee Spotlight- Daniel

Meet Daniel!

As one of our go-to foremen at The Frist College of Medicine at Belmont University, Daniel's strong work-ethic and incredible sense of humor make him an integral part of our team. 

Daniel's impressive 10+ year career at R.C. Mathews includes working on amazing projects, such as Caldwell Hall at Belmont University. His favorite part of the job is watching everything come together at the end of the project and knowing that he played a role in completing the project. Looking ahead 5 years, Daniel sees himself in a bigger leadership role, and his biggest advice to his younger self is to listen to those who have been doing it the longest. Outside of work, you can find Daniel golfing, hunting, or hanging out with his two dogs. You might even catch him at his favorite vacation spot in Cabo!

Thank you, Daniel for your dedication to the company... time to finish strong at The Frist College of Medicine! 


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