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Drusie & Darr at the Hermitage Hotel Given Eagle Award

Drusie & Darr at the Hermitage Hotel was awarded an Eagle Award at the 2022 ABC Excellence in Construction Awards Ceremony.

The team renovated and modernized the entire space (including the kitchen, dining area, bar, restrooms, and hallways), and ensured that everything in this 112-year-old building was up to codes, whilst still preserving and highlighting its historic features, like the men’s restrooms and unique medallions.

The centerpiece of this redesign is the new restaurant and bar, known as Drusie & Darr. The new restaurant hints to the local history and culture while maintaining a 5-star standard service and cuisine. This balance of modernity and heritage will attract guests from around the world and will continue to be a staple of the Nashville community.

Congratulations to Doug Warren, Jonathan Martinez, Scott Hodge, and everyone else on the project team! The project will move on to be entered in the National ABC Excellence in Construction Awards.


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